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This course is designed for qualified ADIs!

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Welcome to the Trainer section with Go Green!

Our Go Green Train the Trainer course is due to launch on 1st April 2024!

This course is designed for:
– Anyone who is considering supporting or training PDIs but isn’t quite sure where to start
– Anyone who is new to supporting or training PDIs, but would like more guidance, further knowledge and training, and structure
– Anyone who has been training PDIs for a while and would like to refresh their skills and ensure they are training to the most current and up to date guidance
And for anyone inbetween!

Our Train the Trainer course started in motion in 2022 where we came up with a full course structure and ideas. During 2023, we put Train the Trainer on hold whilst we focused our energy on other ideas and so that we could put our efforts into relaunching Go Green in 2024 – complete with new structure, new content and courses, and more flexible and affordable payment options.

We didn’t want to rush Train the Trainer! We pride ourselves on offering quality content. Train the Trainer is such a comprehensive and thorough course, designed to help you support PDIs with everything from supporting PDIs through their part 1, 2 and 3, understanding the 17 competencies in depth, dealing with safety critical incidents during training or lesson observations, how to give effective feedback, improving and refreshing your practical skills as a trainer, as well as supporting ADIs with their standards checks, and we’ve also included business related content such as how to source PDIs, how to structure your training, deciding whether to offer franchise opportunities, safeguarding, as well as the technical bits such as pink trainee licence options, rules and requirements, deciding whether to become ORDIT registered, and much, much more.

We’ve made it easy to follow and understand so you can build or refresh your knowledge on all elements of training, as well as giving you fresh ideas and inspiration to train PDIs. We will give you structure to your training and ways to support PDIs to qualify with all the training they need, as well as the knowledge they need to continue being successful as an ADI.

We will also be offering Train the Trainer zoom sessions, designed to give you a space to talk about your training, your PDIs, and to ask any questions that you have.

Our Go Green trainers are also here to support you and answer any questions you have surrounding training PDIs and running a driving school or franchise. Please get in touch with us if you have any questions! We are happy to help.

You can sign up to our Train the Trainer course for a rolling monthly subscription, or as a lifetime purchase. Prices and links to purchase will be available frrom 1st April 2024.

Using Go Green for your PDIs.

You will also get access to the information, training and content that your PDIs will receive if you choose to use our PDI Go Green content for your PDIs. This means you can keep up to date with what we offer and can signpost PDIs to certain sections or elements, depending on where they are at within their training.

Go Green for PDIs is designed to give them all of the knowledge, understanding and information they need in order to pass part 1, 2 and 3. It means that when it comes to your practical training in car with them, they will already have a good understanding of the foundations behind the skills and topics you are covering – meaning you spend less time sitting and going through the foundations – and spend more time consolidating their knowledge, putting everything into practise, and train them in the practical elements that are needed.

If you like our content and recommend Go Green to your PDIs, you can give them a 15% discount to our Go Green course. PDIs will come to you for this discount, and you can sell your training, skills and experience, encouraging them to train with you.

Please ask us for the specific 15% discount link if you’d like to offer this discount to your current PDIs, or potential PDIs who you may speak to.

We also have a supporters map. Our Go Green admin speak to hundreds of PDIs a week and we are often asked for recommendations for trainers around the country, for PDIs looking to gain local knowledge, practical in car training, and just a friendly chat! This is a supporters map that ONLY Go Green admin can access. We would love to have you on our map whether you are supporting PDIs full time or part time, can offer practical part 2 or 3 training, real lesson observations, sponsorship for pink trainee licences, franchise opportunities, or even if you are happy just to have a coffee and a chat with a PDI and provide a listening ear and are happy to be put in touch with them, please do fill in your details!

Once you’ve filled in your details, you’ll be on our radar, and we will pass your details to any PDIs in your area if they get in touch with us. This is FREE to do, and you are under no obligation to use Go Green to be on our map – whether you choose to purchase Go Green or not, we’d still love to have you on our map!

Training Videos & Workbooks

You can access your digital workbooks and videos through our website instantly once you sign up,

Meaning all you need to do is put the kettle on and make a start!

We will provide digital workbooks as part of your course. These are also printable. You can still buy physical copies of the workbooks if you wish, by clicking the link below

After Sales Support

Unlike other instructor trainers, the Go Green Training Team provides continual help and support once you’ve started learning– so even though you’re self training you’re not alone!

The course allows you to train in a way that works for you while giving the much needed foundations in knowledge, understanding and self practice to give you the best possible chance of improving your skills and enjoying the job you will have studied so hard to achieve.

Industry Trusted Trainers

The course has been designed by experienced Driving Instructor Trainers who want to help you succeed. Our numbers speak for themselves!

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