Train the Trainer course

A two-day ‘train the trainer’ workshop for all

Whether you already deliver independent ADI training or whether you have no experience but are interested in adding another string to your bow and think ADI training may be for you – we’d love you to attend one of our exclusive ‘train the trainer’ two-day workshop

Help us to improve ADI training standards

Hosted by Louise Walsh, these exclusive workshops will help both experienced and new ADI trainers to:

Understand how to be an effective and modern ADI trainer
Know what skills to be training PDI’s in to help them meet the part 2 and 3 tests and become good instructors

Think like a trainer and give tools and techniques to make the most of each training session

Gain the essential knowledge and skills for the NEW ORDIT test

A value-packed two-day ‘train the trainer’ workshop –

for just £240 Including vat (lunches and refreshments included)

With her first-hand training experience, expert knowledge and valuable insight, Louise will help to stimulate your thinking, develop your skills, engage you in interactive discussion, bust some common myths, build your confidence – and have FUN!



“Thank you Lou Walsh and Blaine Walsh for excellent workshop, best 2days ever spent. Definitely recommend it to all ADI s looking to expand their knowledge and don’t think twice to enrol into this workshops. As you are going to get wealth of quality information, tools and tips from the best in Industry.“ Chirag, ADI

“The workshop was very productive, insightful and encouraging. It was like a beacon of light directing us out of the maze. I really enjoyed the work shop and the networking with some of the best people in the industry. Looking forward to be working with some of you very soon. Thanks a lot to Lou ……” Tommy
“I really enjoyed the workshop, and it was nice to meet you all. Feel like I’ve come away with a better understanding of what level you need to be at, to be a trainer. Lots of resources to dig into and for me it was a nice 2 day getaway with meeting and connecting with new faces who share the same passion/goals” Jusna, ADI

‘….you should really consider the ‘Train the Trainer’ course…. the value is unbelievable! The training, from Lou… well, it’s what you’d expect from Lou, who puts heart and soul into helping develop instructors. The detailed analysis of training PDIs for Part 2 would help anyone with their learners, or any PDIs they were training. The analysis of training for Part 3 duals as excellent training for Standards Check, because it really gets inside the competences and blows away a few myths too. I went on the course as a refresher, and it was very effective. It would be just as good for someone who wanted to set out as a trainer, or even someone who was vaguely interested. Thank you Lou …….. for a really insightful course!’ Jon, ADI