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Welcome to the part 3 rescue section!

The rescue course is designed for anyone who has their part 3 coming up very soon, or for anyone who has failed an attempt at their part 3 with their next attempt approaching fast.

The rescue course is very focused and specific to ‘rescuing’ PDIs. It’s a much shorter course with content aimed at getting you through your part 3.

Our full Go Green course and our normal part 3 course is longer, more thorough, comprehensive, and in depth. This is more suited to someone who has time to go through everything. It also helps you become an INSTRUCTOR – however, our rescue course is designed just to get you through that part 3, where the time you have left to practice is limited.

Watch our video here on the differences between our normal Go Green course and the Rescue course.

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Why train with Go Green?

Experts in Driving Instructor Training

What is the difference between the Part 3 course and this Part 3 Rescue course?

Your training will start straight away once you join, meaning all you need to do is put the kettle on and make a start! No need to wait for a trainer, no need to be booked onto a classroom session, no need for time off work. No franchise contracts and no tie ins.

Go Green Driving Instructor Training consists of comprehensive online workbooks to use alongside a detailed library of training videos to guide you through each stage as you train yourself to become a driving instructor! Our easy to follow course leads you through the qualifying processes with self-learning materials, allowing you to train in your own time and at your own pace

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Go Green Course Details

Includes live zoom videos that can be included as part of your required training hours.

  • Online videos to support you as you self train for the part 3 tests
  • Easy to follow 0n-line workbooks to consolidate your home study.
  • Detailed information on all aspects of training and teaching
  • A complete guide to how to make the most of your self training and private practice
  • Useful buddy map to help you find others training in your area
  • Comprehensive suggestions on how to gain in car practical training experience
  • A positive, modern and user friendly alternative to the traditional ‘sign up and commit’ training methods for those looking to self train on their own
  • An absolute ‘must’ for those who have already started training but are looking for the ‘missing something’
  • Contact with the Go Green Training Team – so even though you’re self training you’re not alone!
  • Facebook support group with others working towards the same goals

Training Videos & Workbooks

You can access your digital workbooks and videos through our website instantly once you sign up.

Meaning all you need to do is put the kettle on and make a start!

We will provide digital workbooks as part of your course. These are also printable.

After Sales Support

Unlike other instructor trainers, the Go Green Training Team provides continual help and support once you’ve started learning– so even though you’re self training you’re not alone!

The course allows you to train in a way that works for you while giving the much needed foundations in knowledge, understanding and self practice to give you the best possible chance of qualifying and enjoying the job you will have studied so hard to achieve.

Industry Trusted Trainers

The course has been designed by experienced Driving Instructor Trainers who want to help you succeed. Our numbers speak for themselves!

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