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What's included?

Grow Your Driving School

Many driving schools are continually looking to grow. Recruiting and training new instructors can be time consuming and requires a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of both the training process and how best to support PDIs. Go Green Driving Instructor Training could be your school’s solution.

Become a Go Green Supporter

Go Green regularly have trainee instructors looking to gain local knowledge and practical in car teaching practice. If you can offer anything from a casual chat over a coffee to part 2 & 3 preparation, real lesson observations, co-teaching or lesson supervision, right up to a pink licence sponsorship with possible franchise opportunities, we would be delighted to pass on your details to trainees in your area who are using Go Green Driving Instructor Training.

There are no obligations from you to Go Green, so why not become a Go Green Supporter! To allow us to match you up with trainees in your area please fill in this form with your details or contact us for more details.

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Using Go Green for your PDIs

If you have PDIs of your own but you’re looking for a structured, comprehensive and complete resource that can work alongside your own face to face support, then Go Green can offer just that. We have a course discount scheme available for schools looking to buy Go Green courses for their current PDIs.

Encouraging your self sourced trainees to use Go Green means you can be reassured that your future instructors are using training material designed to develop knowledgeable, up to date and successful instructors who will fit right in to your school.

Please contact us for more details:

ORDIT/Become a trainer

If you are looking to become (or remain!) ORDIT registered or simply want to update and up-skill in preparation for training PDIs the Go Green can support you.
Go Green Driving is currently designing resources and material to support those training instructors.

This will not only give you the correct knowledge and understanding of the training process but will guide you in the best way to lead your PDIs to success. All training material will be ORDIT compliant and complementary, meaning you don’t have to spend weeks designing your own course and resources.

Please contact us for more details: