Meet the Team

Who are Go Green?

Meet the Go Green Training Team

Louise, Blaine and Laura have pooled together their vast instructor training experience and success to design a course underpinned with passion.

Learn, Qualify & Enjoy

Following many years of feeling frustrated and sad at seeing so many people embark on training having been ‘sold the dream’, we have seen many become disillusioned, unsupported or let down by their training provider.

It became obvious that there was a need for a course that allowed individuals to train in a way that worked for them while giving the much needed foundations in knowledge, understanding and practical practice to give trainees the best possible chance of qualifying and enjoying the job they will have studied so hard to achieve.


Blaine qualified as an instructor in 1992 after failing the final qualifying test 3 times and then having to repeat the whole process. Second time round he changed trainers and the penny dropped!

Having experienced different trainers and having recognised the importance of being supported by someone who helps it all make sense, Blaine has been an ADI trainer ever since. Blaine is the first trainer in the country to make the most of the internet by offering the very first online training videos. In response to becoming so busy Blaine couldn’t keep up with in car training demand, so successfully started training virtually.

Blaine is a Grade A ORDIT registered trainer and continues to teach pupils as well as training instructors. Blaine’s passion is for the correct information to be given to PDIs to help them make the right training decisions.


In 2010 Lou passed all 3 qualifying tests first time after being recommended to join Blaine’s original training website by a fellow trainee. A few weeks later, Lou and Blaine met at an instructor event and married in 2011! Lou continues to teach pupils, fitting lessons in and around her busy PDI training schedule and touring the country with her sell out workshops and conference sessions.

Lou is a grade A ORDIT registered trainer. Lou’s passion is giving support to PDIs to develop their teaching tools and techniques during lessons, so as to get the best out of pupils and for training to be enjoyable, constructive and inspiring.


Laura qualified in 2018 and has first hand experience of qualifying under the current part 3 test requirements. After failing her first attempt, Laura received training from Lou and worked hard on her instructional skills, going on to pass her part 3 test with a high grade A. Laura has grown her own successful driving school, along with her instructor husband, Darren and has trained several new instructors to join their growing team.

Laura’s passion is for offering around the clock support to trainees. Laura is a prominent figure on the trainee Facebook group, ready with a link to information or supportive words, making her a trusted trainer in the PDI world.


Amy is Go Green’s ‘doer’. If a job needs doing, Amy is your woman! Amy is behind the scenes, keeping the cogs of Go Green going. Her PA skills allow us to concentrate on our training roles, knowing that no email will go unanswered or issue unresolved.

Other Supporters

We are fortunate enough to have a network of instructors and trainers we can recommend if you are looking for some in car practise, some local knowledge or a friendly chat over a cup of coffee.

If you are self training and therefore wanting to source your own trainer to support your practical practise, please contact us and we will do our best to signpost you to the right person to help. Remember – our buddy map is there to show where others are based and willing to support.