Live Zooms

Unique Online Zoom Training

Live Zooms

As part of the Go Green Driving Instructor Training Course you have access to regular live zoom training.  These sessions, if watched live, can be counted towards validation hours in accordance with the trainee licence requirements.

Zoom Dates

Regardless of your training path, these sessions will prove useful for your role as a driving instructor and in your preparation for the part 3 test.  Your Go Green point of contact will assure you have the link and know how to join.

April 2021

18th – The anatomy of a fault

May  2021

2nd – Fault identification, analysis and remedial action

16th – Structuring a lesson

June 2021

6th- Instructor sayings, acronyms and routines (MSPSL)

13th – Self evaluation – mind maps and scaling

27th – Levels of instruction

July 2021

11th – The art of asking questions

25th – The driving test: Top 10 reasons pupils fail Part 1

August 2021

8th – The driving test: Top 10 reasons pupils fail Part 2

22nd – Part 3 structure – how the part 3 differs from a ‘normal lesson’

Sept 2021

5th – The 7 deadly sins and the double troubles

19th – Review a lesson with feedback (following homework)