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Why use Go Green?

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Let us tell you a quick overview of where Go Green started and what it was originally designed for, in it’s first two years of starting.

Go Green started as a comprehensive training package available for PDIs who were either self studying, or to use as additional training materials alongside their current trainers, to fill in any missing gaps and to enhance and further their training to help them pass their part 3, and to continue refreshing their knowledge and skills for years to come.

It occurred to us that ADIs need something too and we had overwhelming feedback from ADIs who asked us to produce something – so we did!

In 2020, we initially produced our ‘Supporters Pack’. This was designed for ADIs wanting to refresh their skills and knowledge, as well as for ADIs who are supporting PDIs with their training – so the ADI knows what information, content and training PDIs are receiving.

On 5th February 2024, we launched our Go Green ADI course. The ‘Supporters Pack’ remains as it is – this hasn’t changed and anyone who previously purchased this still has access to it. Going forwards, the ADI Course will now replace the Supporters pack. We also have our Train the Trainer course launching on 1st April 2024 – please see our ‘I’m a trainer’ page for more details.

Our Go Green ADI course includes content to refresh your skills covering everything from the very start – designed to get you thinking and to give you the best, most up to date and correct information, training and knowledge. It also includes digital workbooks, hundreds of hours of structured online videos, pre-recorded zooms, Lou’s 14 days to wake up your questions course, and a helpful resources section.

PLEASE NOTE – As of 5th February 2024, the Go Green ADI Course does not include our Standards Check content yet.

We are bringing out Standards Check content though! This will AUTOMATICALLY be added to your ADI Course once we have sorted this – we anticipate that it will be ready by April 2024. We are working hard to get this ready for you, however we will not sacrifice quality! We want to make sure this is right for you.

You can purchase your Go Green ADI Course now and start working on the vast amount of information and practical tasks – and that will keep you very busy until our Standards Check content is released!

So what are the pricing options?

Our Go Green ADI Course can be purchased in two ways.
You can subscribe monthly and sign up or cancel at any time. This costs £30 per month.
You can also sign up for our lifetime option – a one off fixed fee – and it’s yours forever. This costs £330.

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Training Videos & Workbooks

You can access your digital workbooks and videos through our website instantly once you sign up,

Meaning all you need to do is put the kettle on and make a start!

We will provide digital workbooks as part of your course. These are also printable. You can still buy physical copies of the workbooks if you wish, by clicking the link below

After Sales Support

Unlike other instructor trainers, the Go Green Training Team provides continual help and support once you’ve started learning– so even though you’re self training you’re not alone!

The course allows you to train in a way that works for you while giving the much needed foundations in knowledge, understanding and self practice to give you the best possible chance of improving your skills and enjoying the job you will have studied so hard to achieve.

Industry Trusted Trainers

The course has been designed by experienced Driving Instructor Trainers who want to help you succeed. Our numbers speak for themselves!

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